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Placing your order is very important to us so we constantly strive to make all internal processes together with our customer service set up in the most appropriate and efficient way to meet the diverse requirements and needs of our customers - from small or start-ups to established international brands. If you are thinking in any different revolutionary way that is not mentioned below or if you have another special request, please contact us to find a solution that suits both parties.

Drawing documentation


At the moment of establishing cooperation we subsequently operate with the drawing documentation provided by you which we handle in accordance with ISO 9001.

If you are in the process of developing your part/product, we can participate in the course by securing the design of the drawing documentation according to the provided documents or on the basis of the already prepared sketch by converting it into electronic form. In the same way we would proceed in the case of the already finished component with missing documentation, but here depends on the complexity of the particular part.

The pricing of drawing documentation is always based on the subsequent cooperation on the particular project.

After completion of the production process we deposit the drawing documentation in the internal archive for the case of a recurring order with no changes, therefore it is not necessary to send the drawing again. If you do not wish to keep the drawing documentation for any reason, please tell us this information.

As a software solution for drawing documentation we use the SOLIDWORKS CAD system developed by SolidWorks Corporation, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks.

Material purchase


For your orders we can provide all kinds of metal and plastic material available in the Czech Republic. Our advantage is the above standard long-term relationships with suppliers of material which allows us to negotiate more advantageous conditions in specific cases.

Even we offer the processing of the material provided directly by the customer which we can adjust to the required length, everything in this option depends on the common agreement.

We also cooperate with the metal foundry so in the case of parts with atypical dimensions we can arrange the casting of half-finished material thereby it is possible to reduce the cost of material inputs. On request we provide quality certificates for all materials.

Surface Finish


We provide only some of the required surface finishing, for the rest, which we are not equipped for, we use our external verified subcontractors. Within our own equipment we specifically provide the following — grinding, polishing, mechanical engraving.

Most common surface finishes are the anodizing, hard anodizing, zinc coating in various colours and induction hardening. Also ensure not so frequent surface finishes such as chromium platting, nickel coating, blackening and nitriding.

Due to the external solution of this list of surface finishes this fact can be reflected in the aforementioned delivery time.

Packaging shipping


Depending on the specific parameters of the workpiece we choose the most suitable packaging materials. For parts that need to be protected during transport we standardly use foam intersections. On request we pack the individual pieces separately. We provide even vacuum packaging or other securing of the product according to your requirements, depends on the common agreement.

For transport we use ordinary transport companies for parcel transport and pallet transport, the transport can be individual for different types of orders.

OPTION 1 — instructions for your chosen transport company comes from you, we will tell you the weight and dimensions of the consignment in advance, then it will be ready and able to handed over to the carrier

OPTION 2 — the possibility of using our company driver whose vehicle capacity is 3 pallet units and which can be a cost-effective, depending on the volume or weight of the delivery

OPTION 3 — Personal pick up in Velké Přílepy which is available from early morning hours to late afternoon from Monday to Friday

Production possibilities


The company is primarily focused on production in the form of repeated orders if necessary, it is possible to switch to the batch production mode. As part of the development cooperation we can also ensure the production of sample pieces for their practical use in prototyping.

Depending on the available capacity of the machines and employees and also on the complexity and parameters of the resulting part, it is even possible to arrange the piece production. Stable team of experienced workers working in three shifts takes care about the production itself.

We always strive to fulfil delivery times so that the goods for our customer are prepared in a time according to their needs and the required quality. After the acceptance of the order the standard delivery time takes 3-4 weeks, but may vary based on the volume of the contract, the required surface treatment or assembly. In case of a more flexible delivery period, we offer the possibility to set up a consignment stock in case you commit to completely remove the total quantity produced within one year.

Pricing policy


Price determination begins with the transmission of inquiry with demands about required outputs. After this step we identify and compare the prices of individual inputs and we subsequently create the final price of the contract, based on the most economically advantageous solution, and send back our offer. The most significant price of a piece affects the quantity of the contract.

In case of the year-round order or high-volume production we are open to negotiate about providing some price advantage for the entire contract.

For sample or express production is possible to set the price only after the production itself.

Contractual relationship we perform through issued invoices after successful delivery of parts. Their due date is usually 14-30 days.